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S6-14 - Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code

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  • 2014

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S6-14 - Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code

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Bridge infrastructure plays a critical role in enabling the safe and efficient movement of people and goods across the country. The 11th edition of CSA S6 Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code applies to the design, evaluation and structural rehabilitation design of fixed & movable highway bridges and establishes safety & reliability levels that are consistent across all jurisdictions in Canada.

CSA S6 makes it easier for consultants and the construction industry to respond to calls for proposals and supports the implementation of a national highway transportation system with agreed minimum standards and loadings for bridges on interprovincial highways.

This code is complemented by CSA S6.1-14, Commentary on CAN/CSA S6-14, Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, which provides rationale and explanatory material for many of the clauses of this code.

Key Changes to CSA S6:

  • Section 4: Seismic Design
    • Revised definitions for importance categories
    • Updated approach for determining seismic hazards based on 2015 National Building Code of Canada provisions
    • Considerations for seismic effects from earthquakes having three different return periods
    • Performance-based design introduced with force-based design permitted for special cases
    • New provisions for damping, effective moment of inertia, hold-down-devices and shear keys
      Performance-based design added for the evaluation and rehabilitation of existing bridges
  • Section 5: Methods of Analysis
    • Utilizes a simplified beam analogy method
    • Distribution factors are expressed according to simplified design approach common prior to the 2000 edition
  • Section 6: Foundations and Geotechnical Systems
    • New reliability-based approach including a risk and consequence based framework to determine design factors
  • Section 12: Barriers and Highway Accessory Supports
    • Replaced performance level requirements with test level requirements
    • Updated crash test requirements for barriers and highway accessory supports

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