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Hazardous Locations Training Program

Hazardous Locations Training Program

CSA Group Hazardous Locations Training Program

Recognized as a leader in global hazardous location testing & certification services, CSA Group can test products at your facility or at CSA Group testing facilities located around the world. CSA Group can also provide guidance for performing your own testing, in your own facilities.

Led by instructors with 20 years of industry expertise, our hazardous locations training courses - in online, customized on-site or classroom formats - can help you understand hazardous location requirements for facilities and zoning, equipment certification requirements, international certification requirements, and roles & responsibilities.

When working in hazardous locations, training can help your organization be better prepared to protect workers, implement risk management programs, and implement quality management systems.

Comply with Standards
View ▾ Certification for Manufacturers of Electrical Equipment Used in Hazardous Locations
View ▾ Hazardous Area Equipment, Basic Principles
View ▾ Hazardous Area Requirements for Electrical Equipment
Keep People Safe
View ▾ Maintain Electrical Installations, Equip. & Wiring Systems in Explosive Atmospheres
View ▾ Workplace Electrical Safety Based on Z462
View ▾ Repair of Electrical Motors & Generators for use in Hazardous Locations
Reduce Risk
View ▾ Introduction to ISO 31000 Risk Management
Gain an Edge
View ▾ ISO 50001 Energy Management System Essentials
View ▾ ISO 9001 Quality Management System Essentials
View ▾ Canadian Electrical Code Handbook
Meet Career Goals
View ▾ IECEx Certification of Personnel Competence Scheme