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Health Care Facility Management Training Program

CSA Health Care Training Program

CSA Group Health Care Facility Management Training Program

Health care facilities rely on well-designed, constructed and maintained infrastructure to deliver safe and efficient health care services and improve health quality management. These commissioning and maintenance practices contribute to a safe, secure environment for patients, staff and visitors.

Working collaboratively with key stakeholders in the health care sector, CSA Group has developed more than 200 standards and health care related training solutions that address the unique design & construction considerations of hospitals and other medical facilities.

Our health care facility management training solutions include courses that help you to comply with health care standards in critical areas such as infection prevention & control, workshops that provide guidance on designing better health care facilities, and certification for medical device reprocessing.

Comply with Standards
View ▾ Fundamentals of Infection Control During Construction
View ▾ Effective Implementation of CSA Z317.13 & Practical Applications
Keep People Safe
View ▾ Z1000 & OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management Essentials
View ▾ Medical Device Reprocessing Online Training
View ▾ User Handbook for Medical Device in Community Health Care Settings
Reduce Risk
View ▾ Z8000 Designing for the Future
View ▾ Workplace Electrical Safety Based on Z462
Gain an Edge
View ▾ Operation and Maintenance of Health Care Facilities Based on Z8002
View ▾ Reducing your Organization's Environmental Impact
Meet Career Goals
View ▾ Certified Medical Device Reprocessing Technician