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Personnel Competence

CSA Training Formats

CSA Group Personnel Competence

CSA Group's personnel competence services are defined by their objectivity, professionalism and credibility across North America. CSA Group offers personnel certification for ten different occupations to objectively test workers' skills against uniformly-applied competency criteria, using a rigorous examination process. Our certification programs can play a pivotal role in improving both organizational and individual skills and knowledge, enhancing productivity and contributing to safer work places and communities.

Personnel competence benefits include:

  • Enhanced workforce and public safety
  • Increased workforce performance and knowledge
  • Greater career options and competitive advantage
  • Job mobility through performance consistency
  • Human resources support through skills confirmation

Explore Our Personnel Competence Programs:

IECEX Certification of Personnel Competence Scheme »
Provides a globally recognized mark of competence for personnel working in hazardous locations throughout the world.

Certified Medical Device Reprocessing Technician (CMDRT) »
Certifies technicians that reprocess reusable medical devices; based on Canadian standards and best practices.

Certified CNG Fuel System Inspector »
Demonstrates knowledge recommended by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and the "NGV 2 Standard for CNG Cylinder Containers."

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Quantifier »
Certifies the skills of professionals performing GHG inventory development and quantification.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Verifier »
First-of-its-kind, North American certification for individuals working as GHG verifiers.

Construction Electrician (NOC 7241) Solar Photovoltaic Systems Certification (SPVC) »
Assesses qualifications of construction electricians who install and maintain Solar PV systems to enhance safety, quality and reliability.

Medical G.A.S. Installer »
Certifies minimum performance criteria for personnel maintaining medical gas pipeline systems in hospitals and health care facilities.

P.I.P.E.S. Rigger »
Certifies that workers possess the knowledge and skills to complete the rigging, hoisting, moving and/or lifting of piping systems.


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