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Personnel Competence Registries: Measure, Manage and Showcase Your Carbon Management Results

Registries: Measure, Manage and Showcase Your Carbon Management Results

Registries: Measure, Manage and Showcase Your Carbon Management Results

CSA Group's Registries' provide an independent and transparent listing service, based on existing best practices and/or standards.

GHG Registries are public rosters of different types of organizations, such as corporations, building owners and others that have made a commitment to manage, measure, and report their GHG emissions inventory or project-based reductions and removals. CSA Groups' GHG registries are useful tools for organizations managing their carbon footprint.

CSA Registered Carbon Neutral™ Program Registry

The CSA Registered Carbon Neutral™ Program uses an independent and transparent process, based on international standards, that recognizes carbon neutral claims. Displaying the CSA Registered Carbon Neutral™ Label will help you to communicate a powerful message to your customers and stakeholders that your achievement of net zero GHG emissions is credible.
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GHG CleanStart™ Registry: A Registry to Publicly Report Your Carbon Footprints, and Showcase Carbon Reduction Commitments and Actions.

CSA's GHG CleanStartTM Registry is a credible and transparent service for reporting carbon footprints/inventories and/or carbon reduction commitments and actions. It can also be the first rung on the ladder to recognition through CSA's Registered Carbon Neutral™ Program. To be eligible to post on the registry, companies follow the internationally recognized ISO 14064 series of standards for greenhouse gas inventories and reporting.
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GHG CleanProjects™ Registry: Quantifying Your Emission Reducing Projects

Utilizing the ISO 14064-2 & 3 Standards, the GHG CleanProjects™ Registry provides a portal to report and showcase your project's greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions or removals. Each tonne of verified emission reductions/removal is tagged with a unique serial number. The information displayed may be useful for corporate risk management, voluntary initiatives, GHG markets and regulatory reporting/compliance. It also provides a source of projects that can be used for other offsetting and carbon neutral initiatives
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GHG Reductions Registry

The Reductions Registry provides a service to have GHG reduction projects registered after successfully completing a 30-day public posting period. The Reductions Registry will accept projects that quantify reduction or removal efforts, if properly documented and verified, that can include projects that are not limited to just the six GHGs as listed in the Kyoto Protocol and the ISO 14064 standards. For example, projects in the Reductions Registry can include projects which target ozone depleting substances.
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