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1. What are the Shipping Rates

The current shipping rates are:
  1. Canada - $15 for the first item, $6 per additional item.
  2. United States - $18 for the first item, $9 per additional item.
  3. United States Alaska/Hawaii - $20 for the first item, $10 per additional item.
  4. International - $25 for the first item, $12 per additional item.

2. I have my own Collect Shipping Account that I use for shipping. Can I use my own shipping Carrier to ship and deliver the physical publications I purchase?

CSA Group does not support "Collect Shipping" or custom defined carrier options. By using the CSA preferred carrier, we believe the improved fulfillment, shipping and tracking features of this new system will assist you in managing the timing and delivery of your orders.

3. What is a PLUS Product?

A PLUS Products is CSA's "how to" handbooks that assist in understanding and applying standards.

4. What is a Supplement?

A Supplement is a document containing several amendments to one standard; or a document containing information of a factual or explanatory nature, designed to assist the users of a standard.

5. What does the CAN/CSA designation mean?

The CAN/CSA designation is a prefix indicating a CSA Standard that is a National Standard of Canada

6. What does Trinational, Binational, or Regional Standard mean?

Trinational, Binational, or Regional Standard is a joint standard formally approved and published by CSA and the Standards Development Organizations of one or more (as applicable) countries.

7. What does the R mean at the end of a standards designation?

For example: CAN/CSA-Z460-05 (R2010) the R2010 means that the 2005 edition of the CAN/CSA-Z460 standard was Reaffirmed in 2010 without changes.

8. What is an Amendment?

A revision that alters and/or adds or subtracts a previously agreed technical provision(s) in an existing standard.

9. What is a APD

This stands for an approved draft standard, that has been accepted by ballot votes or recorded votes, held by the technical committee and has been chosen for a second level review.

10. What is the meaning of a designated M before the year of any give publication?

The M represents that the standard was published using the Metric Measurement System

11. What is an "On-Site" Seminar?

On-Site seminar is a training event format that is delivered at your location of choice (usually your business) by a CSA Instructor and is intended for minimum 6 participants.

12. How do I access the standard that I have purchased in PDF format?

When you purchase publications in PDF format a green "download" button is provided on the last page of your order, the "Order Receipt" page. Clicking this button will allow you to obtain your pdf purchase. Also, at any time you can go to and click on > My Account / Order History to view and re-download your purchases.

13. Can we share the pdf file with others?

No, CSA grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to download documents obtained from CSA in the electronic format provided for your individual use on one computer.

14. How large is the file?

The average size of PDF documents published in the last 5 years is 2 Megs.

15. When will I get my PDF order?

PDF files are available for download immediately after you complete your purchase.

16. When is the 'location' determined for a course?

It is usually determined two weeks prior to the course.

17. Is my credit card information safe when purchasing online?

Yes, CSA's Store is PCI Compliant. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements designed to ensure that ALL companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.

18. Where can I purchase an archived standard?

Please call our Sales Group at 1-800-463-6727 and any representative can assist.

19. Is CSA a government agency?

No, the CSA Group is a not-for-profit membership-based association serving business, industry, government and consumers in Canada and the global marketplace.

20. How to get a link to download the standard if I lost the email?

Sign back into your account on the Online Store and go to Order History.

21. Where can I go for updates?

Go to My Account and click on Email Services on the left side. You will see an option for CSA Standards Update Service.

CSA Communities - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does my CSA Communities paid access last?

Paid level access on CSA Communities lasts for one year from the date of purchase.

2. Does paid level access apply across all of the CSA Communities?

Paid level access applies only to the specific Community you have purchased. For example, if you purchase Premium Level access to the Fuel Burning Community, you will not be able to access the Premium Level Electrical or OHS Communities.

3. What's the difference between CSA Communities Enhanced and Premium paid levels?

For more information comparing all paid levels, please visit our online store

4. Can I print documents made available on CSA Communities?

As long as document has not been marked as Read Only by the person who uploaded it, you can download and print it.

5. I've purchased Enhanced level access but now I'd like to move up to the Premium level. Do I get a credit?

If you would like to move up to the Premium access level you will not be refunded the cost of the Enhanced level. It is a new purchase.

6. My company is interested in becoming a sponsor of CSA Communities. How do we get started?

For sponsor related inquiries please fill out this brief contact form and you will be contacted shortly by a CSA Group representative.

7. If I purchase Sponsor Level access to CSA Communities, how many accounts do I get for my organization? Are the accounts transferable?

Sponsor Level access includes up to 6 individual accounts. These accounts are maintained by CSA Group but they are transferable between people in your organization.

8. If I purchase Sponsor Level access to CSA Communities and one of my users leave, how can I add someone new?

To add/replace a user, please contact your CSA Group representative. Their contact info is listed under Space Administrator on the Premium Level space for your community; you can also email them at

9. Why can I not purchase Sponsor Level access to CSA Communities online?

Due to the potential set up of multiple user accounts, Sponsor Level access cannot be purchased online. If you would like to become a CSA Communities sponsor, please contact us at and we will be more than happy to assist you.

10. Do I have to create a ShopCSA account to purchase access to CSA Communities?

Yes. An account will need to be created prior to making a purchase.

11. What payment options are available for purchasing access to CSA Communities online? Can I pay over the phone?

You can make a purchase online or over the phone using your credit card. We also accept POs for orders greater than $250.

12. Is my CSA Communities purchase refundable?

There are no refunds for CSA Communities paid level access.

13. I don't have an existing CSA Communities account. Can I still purchase paid level access?

Absolutely. Once you purchase paid level access for a community and click the Activate My Account button, you will be given a CSA Communities username. Your password will be the same one that you use to log in to our online store at

14. I already have a CSA Communities account. How do I upgrade from Discovery to one of the paid levels?

To upgrade to a paid level, please visit our online store and select the community of your choice. Once the purchase is made you will be presented with an Activate My Account button which will upgrade your access on CSA Communities. The next time you log you will have access to the paid level content.

15. How do I access my CSA Communities paid level content?

Step 1. Log into CSA Communities and select your community of interest. For example, if you purchased Premium Level Access to the Fuel Burning Community. Click Fuel Burning from the menu on the right.

Step 1 - Select your community of interest

Step 2. To the left of the page you will see a link to your paid level access under the heading Your Exclusive Content. Click on it.

Step 2 - Click on Your Exclusive Content

Step 3. You are now in the Fuel Burning Premium Level Community. Repeat these steps for any of the other paid level CSA Communities.

Step 3 - Access to paid level CSA Communities

16. How do I renew my CSA Communities paid level access?

You will receive email notifications one month before and leading right up to when your paid access expires. Your access will not auto renew so you will need to purchase your paid level access again.

17. What if I don't want to renew my paid level access? Does my CSA Communities account expire?

Your CSA Communities account will not expire if you choose not to renew your paid level access. Your account will revert back to the Discovery level and you will no longer be able to access paid level content.

18. I'm having trouble accessing my CSA Communities account. How do I reset my password?

Please visit CSA Communities and click the Forgot my Password link. Follow the instructions in the email to reset your password. If you're having trouble you can always contact CSA technical support at or by phone at 416 747 2233 or toll free at 800 463 6727 (Select your language then press 4 for technical support) and we'll be happy to assist you.

19. I'm having technical issues on CSA Communities and need help. What do I do?

Please contact CSA technical support at or by phone at 416 747 2233 or toll free at 800 463 6727 (Select your language then press 4 for technical support)