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Publications ANSI Z21.18-2007 (R2017)/CSA 6.3-2007 (R2016)

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ANSI Z21.18-2007 (R2017)/CSA 6.3-2007 (R2016) - Gas Appliance Pressure Regulators

Année de publication:

  • 2007

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  • 2016


  • CSA


This publication represents a basic standard for safe operation, substantial and durable construction, and acceptable performance of gas appliance pressure regulators. It is the result of years of experience in the manufacture, testing, installation, maintenance, inspection and research on gas appliance pressure regulators designed for utilization of gas. There are risks of injury to persons inherent in appliances that, if completely eliminated, would defeat the utility of the appliance. The provisions in this standard are intended to help reduce such risks while retaining the normal operation of the appliance.


1.1.1 Types of Regulators.

This standard applies to individual gas appliance pressure regulators, which are not a part of a combination control (see Part V, Definitions), constructed entirely of new, unused parts and materials, hereinafter referred to as regulators, intended for application on individual gas appliances.

This standard also applies to negative gas appliance pressure regulators (see Part V, Definitions). The performance of negative pressure regulators is covered under Part III of this standard.

Compliance of a device with this standard does not imply that such device is acceptable for use on gas appliances without supplemental tests with the device applied to the particular appliance design.

Components performing functions other than those of a gas appliance pressure regulator shall comply with the applicable American National Standards.

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