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A23.1-F14/A23.2-F14 - Béton : Constituants et exécution des travaux / Méthodes d'essai et pratiques normalisées pour le béton

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  • 2014

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  • CSA

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Ensuring strength and safety are primary considerations for developers working with concrete; the 12th edition of CSA A23.1 covers requirements for materials and methods of construction for cast-in-place concrete / concrete precast in the field, as well as concrete used in construction of residential buildings that conform to Part 9 of the National Building Code of Canada. A23.2 covers the principal test methods for hardened and freshly mixed concrete and for materials specified in A23.1 and A23.4.

This document is required to comply with Canadian regulatory requirements and includes new technical instructions regarding concrete temperature limits and greater clarification on roles & responsibilities in the concrete construction process.

Highlights of the New Edition Include:

  • Refinement of the treatment of Residential Concrete (R classes of exposure)

  • Added specific instructions concerning concrete temperature limits and construction requirements for cold- and hot-weather concreting.
New Annexes Cover:

  • Recycled concrete aggregates used in hydraulic cement concrete.

  • Impacts of sulphides in concrete aggregates.

  • New guidelines for residential concrete construction.

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