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Publications ASME-BPVC-CC-BPV-2017

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ASME-BPVC-CC-BPV-2017 - Code cases: Boilers and pressure vessels

Année de publication:

  • 2017


  • ASME
ASME-BPVC-Code Cases are approved actions by the BPVC Committees on these alternatives, intended to allow early and urgent implementation of any revised requirements. They are issued four times per year in two categories: Boiler and Pressure Vessels (CC-BPV) and Nuclear (CC-NUC). Users may purchase individual publications at any time or they may subscribe to receive full sets of Code Cases as they are published for the duration of that BPVC edition's cycle.

This responsiveness to requests illustrates the unique openness and transparency of ASME's code-development process - striving to reflect best-practices of industry, while contributing to safety for the general public.

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