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Z334-F14 - Embouts protecteurs recouvrant la chaussure

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  • 2014

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    Z195-F14 - Chaussures de protection

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CSA Z334 Over-the-shoe toe protectors Overview:

The selection and proper use of personal protective equipment can be the determining factor between an injury, illness or even death in severe cases. CSA Z334 Over-the-shoe toe protectors is a new personal protective equipment standard that covers design and performance requirements for toe protectors intended to be worn over non-safety footwear.

CSA Z334 is distinct from CSA Z195 - Protective Footwear, in that over-the-shoe toe protectors are designed only to provide protection from impacts to the toes of users on a temporary basis. Over-the-toe-protectors do not incorporate do not include most of the safety features offered by fully-integrated safety footwear (as specified in CSA Z195). As such, these protectors are not considered to be protective (safety) footwear.

*Note: For the purpose of this Standard, "temporary" is considered to be short-term use such as that by visitors to a work site or by individuals traversing a foot hazard area (not performing work in that area), and not for continual daily use as a permanent method of foot protection.

Highlights of CSA Z334:
  • Sets National performance requirements for toe protectors intended to be worn over top of non-safety shoes
  • Addresses over-the-shoe toe protectors for temporary use and includes requirements for one grade of toe impact resistance
  • Provides requirements for slip-resisting over-the-shoe toe protectors

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