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C22.1-F18 - 2018 Code canadien de l'électricité, première partie (vingt-quatrième édition), norme de sécurité relative aux installations électriques

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  • 2018

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  • CSA

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C22.1-18 - Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1 (24th Edition), Safety Standards for Electrical Installations Untitled Document

C22.1-18 - Canadian Electrical Code, Part I (24th edition), Safety Standard for Electrical Installations


  • Electrical quick reference guide ($25 value). Available in hardcopy only
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For 90 years, the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I has been developed & updated to better protect electrical workers and promote improved consistency in electrical installations across the country.

Developed with the participation of all Provincial and Territorial Authorities Having Jurisdiction and CSA Committee Members representing manufacturing, labour, education, design, conformity assessment, and all other areas of the Canadian electrical industry. The CE Code, Part I is developed and regularly updated to better protect electrical workers and help make electrical installations and equipment safer.

Now in its 24th edition, the 2018 CE Code, Part I includes a number of significant updates and changes to better help electrical workers in the safe maintenance of electrical equipment and create safer electrical installations.

All hard copies of the CE Code, Part I also include a free copy of the Electrical Quick Reference Guide, offering you easy access to the most used clauses and definitions.

Why You Need the 2018 Edition:

  • Includes over 260 updates and revisions, including significant changes to sections on residential/housing, renewable energy, grounding and bonding, tamper resistant receptacles and much more
  • Features a new section dedicated to Power Over Ethernet which details how appropriate installation and layout are critical factors in ensuring safe operation
  • Updated with many new tables and diagrams and clarified text to better explain electrical installation requirements - saving you time and enhancing productivity
  • Details updated requirements for disconnecting LED luminaires and how they may impact your work
  • Added bonus - FREE hardcopy of the Electrical Quick Reference Guide - $25 value

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