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COLLECTION C22.1-15 - 2015 Collection Code canadien de l'électricité

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  • 2015

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  • CSA

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C22.1-15 Package

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Understanding and applying the requirements of the 2015 Canadian Electrical Code helps ensure the safety of your electrical installations and reduces the need for costly reworks that can help your projects stay on schedule. Developed by technical experts selected for their detailed knowledge and understanding of the Code, the Canadian Electrical Code Handbook is a valuable tool to aid in understanding the over 200 updates and revisions in the current CE  Code. Having both the Code and the Handbook gives you the confidence of knowing that background information, rationale, and explanations of sections and clauses that require further clarification are easily accessible.

Benefits of the 2015 CE Code Package:

  • Save $26 cost compared with purchasing the documents separately
  • Plain, easy-to-understand rationale behind latest Code requirements side-by-side with your copy of the CE Code
  • Clearly outlines safety and installation requirements of the CE Code related to industrial, commercial and residential installations
  • Quickly access pertinent information and detailed scenarios to help avoid misinterpretations
  • Provides examples, calculations and graphics that complement your CE Code 
  • Added bonus – FREE hardcopy of the Electrical Quick Reference Guide - $25 value

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