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Publications B149.1-15 Interactive Standard

B149.1-15 Interactive Standard

B149.1-15 - Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code Interactive Standard

Année de publication:

  • 2015


  • CSA


Avez-vous envisagé

  • B149.1-F15




    B149.1-F15 - Code d'installation du gaz naturel et du propane

  • Illustration B149.1-15 and B149.2-15 Overview - Online non disponible.


    B149.1-15 and B149.2-15 Overview - Online

    B149.1-15 and B149.2-15 Overview - Online

  • B149.3-F15




    B149.3-F15 - Code d'approbation sur place des composants relatifs au combustible des appareils et appareillages

  • Illustration B149.5-F15 non disponible.




    B149.5-F15 - Code d'installation des réservoirs et des systèmes d'alimentation en propane sur les véhicules routiers

  • Illustration ANSI/CSA-B149.6-F15 non disponible.




    ANSI/CSA-B149.6-F15 - Code visant la production et l'utilisation des gaz de digestion

  • B149.2-F15




    B149.2-F15 - Code sur le stockage et la manipulation du propane

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B149.1-15 %u2013 Interactive Standard

Device Compatability

  • Available for Apple (iOS) and Android Devices, for desktop, or view through any web browser.
  • iOS Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Android Requires Android 2.3.3 and up. Compatible with any Android Device.

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CSA Group introduces Interactive Standards. Now you can access up-to-date information on important codes and standards from your tablet or mobile device... without the need for an internet connection. No heavy code books to carry. Just tap... and go.


Used by Canadian gas and propane industry workers and referenced in legislation across the country, CSA B149.1-15 %u2013 Natural gas and propane code installation code provides guidance on the safe installation of appliances, equipment, components and accessories where gas is to be used for fuel purposes. For the first time ever, B149.1-15 will be available wherever, whenever you need it on your tablet, mobile device or computer.

The B149.1-15 Interactive Standard which combines CSA B149.1-15 - Natural gas and propane installation code and B149.1-15 Code Handbook into a powerful eBook format with dynamic navigation and reference capabilities that provide an enhanced ability to locate, interpret and calculate code requirements. Useful animations, calculators, image galleries and more are simply a click away.

The B149.1-15 Interactive Standard reflects all the changes in the 2015 edition including updated requirements for metallic fittings, new clauses for mobile homes, consolidated clauses from other standards in the CSA B149 series, updated references and more.

The B149.1-15 Interactive Standard is currently the only place to access the Code Handbook, making it most comprehensive and easy-to-use edition of CSA B149.1-15 yet!

Key Benefits:

  • Optimized for tablet and scalable to smaller screen devices
  • Provides easy access to Code rules and explanations accessing descriptions, rationale and commentary found in the B149.1 Code Handbook
  • Search by rule, topic or keyword
  • Ability to eMarkup, view by history and set bookmarks for future reference
  • ZOOM capability into color images, charts and schematics
  • Animations on key diagrams provide additional clarity on key topics in B149.1
  • Built-in calculators are accessible throughout the document or through a separate menu
  • Quick reference capability allows easy access to most commonly-used rules, charts and diagrams
  • Electronic format can be updated to reflect changes or to add additional content

(Available by download for access on most mobile devices in iOS or Android, for desktop, or view through any web browser)

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