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COLLECTION B149-F15 - Contient B149.1-15, Code d'installation du gaz naturel et du propane et B149.2-15, Code sur le stockage et la manipulation du propane

Année de publication:

  • 2015

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  • CSA

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  • B149.1-F15




    B149.1-F15 - Code d'installation du gaz naturel et du propane

  • B149.1-15 Interactive Standard


    B149.1-15 Interactive Standard

    B149.1-15 - Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code Interactive Standard

  • Illustration B149.1-15 and B149.2-15 Overview - Online non disponible.


    B149.1-15 and B149.2-15 Overview - Online

    B149.1-15 and B149.2-15 Overview - Online

  • B149.3-F15




    B149.3-F15 - Code d'approbation sur place des composants relatifs au combustible des appareils et appareillages

  • Illustration B149.5-F15 non disponible.




    B149.5-F15 - Code d'installation des réservoirs et des systèmes d'alimentation en propane sur les véhicules routiers

  • Illustration ANSI/CSA-B149.6-F15 non disponible.




    ANSI/CSA-B149.6-F15 - Code visant la production et l'utilisation des gaz de digestion

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B149-15 Package

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**Now Available in E-Pub Format**

New for 2016, the B149 Package is now also available in our powerful Interactive format. Accessible on iOS or Android mobile devices and tablets, on your PC desktop or through a web browser, the Interactive version includes both standards with enhanced navigation and markup capabilities and includes exclusive handbook commentary content built in. The B149.1 Interactive is currently the only place to access the Code Handbook - making it most comprehensive and easy-to-use edition of CSA B149.1-15 yet!

With the CSA B149.1 and CSA B149.2 Codes combined together into one document, it's now easier than ever to flip quickly between clauses from both Codes and access the materials whenever, whenever you need them.


The B149 Series provides important guidance on how to do your job safely -- from handling and storage of natural gas and propane, to safe and effective installation of related appliances and equipment, and more.

This package contains the 2015 editions of B149.1-15 - Natural gas and propane installation code and B149.2-15 - Propane storage & handling code.

B149.1-15 Package applies to the installation of:

  • Appliances, equipment, components, and accessories where gas is to be used for fuel purposes
  • Piping and tubing systems
  • Vehicle-refueling appliances and associated equipment
  • Stationary gas engines and turbines

B149.2-15 applies to:

  • Storage, handling, and transfer of propane
  • Propane used as an engine fuel in other than highway vehicles
  • Installation of containers and equipment to be used for propane in distribution locations and filling plants

These codes have been reviewed by regulatory authorities across Canada, and are expected to be adopted into law in every Canadian province and territory.

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