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B139 SERIES-15 ONTARIO AMENDMENTS - 2016 TSSA Ontario amendments to the B139 SERIES-15, Installation code for oil-burning equipment

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  • 2016

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  • TSSA

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  • B139 SÉRIE-F15



    B139 SÉRIE-F15

    B139 SÉRIE-F15 - Code d'installation des appareils de combustion au mazout

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The Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) has published a Code Adoption Document (CAD) for use in conjunction with the 2015 CSA B139 SERIES and serves as a collection of important amendments for the utilization of the Code in Ontario*.

Whether you need a copy on the job site or a printed copy for use in a training program, this hard copy version provides easy access to all the critical amendments contained in the document. This hard copy version is ready to be inserted into a binder, and can be incorporated easily with CSA B139 hardcopy code book.

(*Note: The Ontario Acts and Regulations are available for download from the Government of Ontario's database of statutes and regulations:


This amendment adopts the new 2015 CSA B139 SERIES for use in Ontario, which consists of:

  • CSA B139.1.0-15 - General requirements for large installations
  • CSA B139.1.1-15 - General requirements for stationary engines
  • CSA B139.1.2-15 - General requirements for special installations
  • CSA B139.2-15 - Installation code for oil-burning equipment for residential and small commercial buildings

This CAD amendment makes Ontario-specific revisions to the above codes including:

  • New approval submission requirements for high pressure fuel piping to be consistent with the Boilers and Pressure Vessels Code
  • New approval submission requirements for installations that use an anti-siphon systems instead of a certified anti-siphon valve
  • Changes consistent with the Ontario Fire Code and National Fire Code
  • Only recognizing the use of Standards Council of Canada accepted standards

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