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CAN/CSA-Z8001-F13 - Mise en service des établissements de santé

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  • 2013

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CAN/CSA-Z8001-13 - Commissioning of health care facilities

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Z8001-13 – Commissioning of health care facilities

The specific requirements of health care facilities go far beyond those of most buildings, and construction problems or system failures can be a matter of life and death. CSA Group has developed a new standard to help facility designers and builders tackle these challenges in order to meet demands for new and renovated health care facilities that are accessible, safe and secure.

Based on the well established Z320 - Building Commissioning Standard and Check Sheets – we developed Z8001 – Commissioning of Health Care Facilities - with additional requirements and guidance to cover the unique risks and challenges that apply to health care facilities.


  • Builds on the core commissioning requirements of CSA Z320 to address special considerations involved in the commissioning of health care facilities
  • Reflects the OASIS principle – Operations, Accessibility, Safety/Security, Infection Prevention & Control, and Sustainability
  • Utilizes a ‘phased in approach’ – starting with the pre-design phase and extending through construction to the commissioning of individual building components, to commissioning the complete integrated systems as a whole
  • Includes architectural, transportation, fire suppression, plumbing, HVAC, control, integration, electrical, and communication systems

Z8001-13 Electronic Checksheet Application

The Electronic Checksheet Application is designed to accompany the CSA Z8001 and CSA Z320, and provides access to checksheet templates in Microsoft® Excel that can be updated, completed, saved locally, and printed. Sold as a single-user access (multi-license available), the application allows for one-time set-up of company and project specific details applied to all the checksheets you create.

This application product provides ease of modifying some of the more complex checksheets by answering simple questions that result in the addition or deletion of appropriate checksheet sections removing the guess-work and manual manipulation from your editing.

Checksheet templates are available for all major building systems including Mechanical, Electrical, and Control Systems and Integration. The checksheets are used to document the inspections and tests associated with static verification, start-up, and functional performance testing as applicable.

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