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Training/Formation Exigences relatives à l’équipement électrique dans les emplacements dangereux

Illustration Exigences relatives à l’équipement électrique dans les emplacements dangereux non disponible.

Exigences relatives à l’équipement électrique dans les emplacements dangereux

Durée: 2 jours

Hazardous Area Requirements for Electrical Equipment

Who Should Attend?

  • Employees responsible for specifying, approving, acquiring, purchasing, or using hazardous location equipment
  • Equipment Installers/ Designers & Specifiers
  • Plant and Facilities Engineers
  • Project & Safety Engineers and Operations Managers / Engineers
  • Field Inspectors
  • Maintenance and Reliability Experts
  • Instrumentation professionals
  • Jurisdictional authorities, regulatory staff

What's Included

  • Class materials
  • Breakfast and lunch

Suggested Reading

  • C22.1-15 - Canadian Electrical Code, Part I


  • Familiar with electrical fundamentals

For More Information or to register:
Contact us for more information 1-800-463-6727


Cancellation requests received more than 14 calendar days before start date of the event will receive a full refund less a $100 administration fee. Cancellation requests received within the 14 calendar days prior to the event start date will be non-refundable.

Substitution of event attendee will be permitted at any time prior to the start date. Participant substitutions are permitted at any time prior to the start of the event. Please ensure that the substitute has met any prerequisite requirements.

Payment must be received in full before the event. CSA reserves the right to cancel any event and will, in such case, fully refund all registration fees. No liability is assumed by the organizers for changes in conference dates, content, speakers or venue.

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Learning Objectives

  • Learn to easily determine equipment requirements for hazardous locations
  • Understand recommended protection methods for hazardous area installations
  • Become familiar with standardized area classifications
  • Acquire working knowledge for conducting installations to the North American Zone and Division system based on area classifications
  • Gain an understanding of hazardous area classifications and increase understanding of wiring methods and sealing in combustible gas, dust and fibre areas
  • Develop knowledge of IECEx, ATEX, North American and other certification schemes
  • Understand certification requirements for various types of equipment

Course Overview

Electrical installations in hazardous locations require a rigorous attention to detail. It is essential that equipment used in these locations be designed to the applicable standards and tested prior to installation to help ensure it does not initiate an explosion.

Even with international standards slowly converging to include a wider range of acceptable hazardous location installation methods approved by national regulatory agencies, electrical installations can still vary based on North American or international directives. With different approaches to standardization and testing of equipment for hazardous areas it is important to fully understand the requirements of your jurisdiction.

This two-day course will help you understand requirements for designing, installing and maintaining electrical equipment in hazardous areas, providing a review of classifications based on division, zone, and dust, gas and fibre areas. You’ll examine installation requirements based on applicable codes, standards and best practices. You’ll understand the differences between the CEC and NEC Codes with respect to Division and Zone classifications, hazardous location product markings, and equipment construction & performance requirements. You’ll also learn to evaluate prospective installations to determine appropriate wiring methods and equipment selection.

Why Get Your Training From CSA Group?

CSA Group has been offering standards based training for over 20 years, drawing on the expertise of instructors who, in many cases, have contributed to the development of standards. Considered a leader in Global Hazardous Location Certification & Testing Services, CSA Group can test at your facility or at laboratories across North American and globally. We can also provide the guidance you need to perform the testing yourself, in your own facilities.

We test to IEC standards to get you the global marks you need using our CB Certification Reports. We are qualified to issue IECEx Test Reports (ExTR Equipment Evaluation), IECEx Quality Assessment Reports (ExQAR Evaluation) and IECEx Scheme Certificates of Conformity. In North America, CSA Group can test and certify your equipment for use in hazardous locations and issues the CSA Group certification mark to qualified equipment. In Europe, CSA Group can evaluate and test your equipment to CENLEC (EN) standards and work with strategic notified bodies under the ATEX Directive.

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