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Z1007-F16 - Gestion du programme de prévention de la perte auditive (PPPA)

Année de publication:

  • 2016

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  • CSA

CSA Z1007 - Hearing loss prevention program (HLPP) management

Workers in many occupational sectors – including manufacturing, mining, construction, transportation, and emergency services – often perform their jobs while exposed to high levels of occupational noise. Long-term exposure to noise can result in both hearing loss and stress-related illness. In addition, noise can interfere with critical communications and warning signals. For these reasons, it is critically important to identify these hazardous situations and implement preventative measures to help protect the hearing of workers. The first in a series of standards on occupational noise control, CSA Z1007 – Hearing loss prevention program (HLPP) management - helps address these potential threats to worker health and safety. The standard helps guide your business in establishing a management process for an effective hearing loss prevention program and is part of CSA Group’s portfolio of OHS Management Systems Standards, based on the foundation of Z1000 – Occupational Health and Safety Management.

Highlights of Z1007 Include:

  • Aligns with OHS Management System principles contained in CSA Z1000

  • Clearly defines the roles and responsibilities for management including specific requirements for commitment, leadership, and participation

  • Explains how to accurately identify and quantify noise hazards

  • Identifies measures for selection and application of controls

  • Includes processes and procedures for training, monitoring, measurement and documentation as well as continuous improvement and management review

  • Includes six informative annexes that provide information on unprotected exposures, describe the legislative context within which this standard operates, supply examples of forms and assessments, and list a number of resources

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