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Training/Formation Protecting Northern Community Infrastructure from the consequences of Climate Change

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Protecting Northern Community Infrastructure from the consequences of Climate Change

Durée: 2 jours

Preserving Infrastructure in Northern Communities using Standards

Who Should Attend

  • Public Works Foremen
  • Public Housing Maintenance Managers
  • Housing Managers
  • Ulitilies Workers in Northern Climates
  • Engineers

Suggested Reading

  • NISI Standards

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Learning Objectives

  • Effectively describe the impacts of extreme weather, climate variability and climate change on infrastructure in the North
  • Understand and apply the requirements of Northern Infrastructure standards, CAN/CSA S500, CAN/CSA S501, CAN/CSA S502 & CAN/CSA S503 to monitor and maintain infrastructure in northern communities
  • Discover how NISI standards can help improve safety, mitigate risk and reduce costs
  • Learn how important socioeconomic, landscape, and environmental factors influence the design, development and management of community infrastructure in the North
  • Experience hands-on techniques to apply these critical standards
This 2-day Course is structured into seven Modules:
  1. Course Overview
  2. Foundational: Northern Infrastructure, Weather, Climate, Climate Change, Introduction to NISI Standards
  3. How to apply CAN/CSA S500 - Thermosyphon foundations
  4. How to apply CAN/CSA S501 - Permafrost
  5. How to apply CAN/CSA S502 - Snow Loads
  6. How to apply CAN/CSA S503 - Community Drainage
  7. Wrap-Up, Importance to the Community & Next Steps

Course Overview

This course will enable participants to better understand the impact of climate change on the work of infrastructure owners, managers, designers, and developers in Northern Communities. Northern Infrastructure Standardization Initiative (NISI) Standards have been developed to support the "appropriate consideration" of extreme weather, climate variability and climate change in the design, development, operation & maintenance of Northern infrastructure.

Through interactive modules, participants will gain a thorough understanding needed to apply the CAN/CSA S500, CAN/CSA S501, CAN/CSA S502 and CAN/CSA S503 standards to help support asset managers, owners, designers and builders to appropriately exercise their duty of care.

Why Get Your Training from CSA Group?

In 2012, CSA Group was selected by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) to develop standards to help address the impact of climate change in Northern Canada as part of the Northern Infrastructure Standardization Initiative (NISI). CSA Group has actively been researching the role standards and codes play in helping to mitigate the risk associated with changing climate and its impact on infrastructure in various regions of Canada since 2005. Our training reflects the latest industry research and the insight of technical experts to help participants apply these standards.

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