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Publications Z180.1-F13 (C2018)

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Z180.1-F13 (C2018) - Air comprimé respirable et systèmes connexes

Année de publication:

  • 2013

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  • 2018


  • CSA

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CSA Z180.1 - Compressed Breathing Air and Systems

person in orange safety suit wearing face mask with a breathing system

Compressed breathing air and systems protect workers engaged in tasks that may affect the quality of breathing air in their work environment. Compressed breathing air systems refers to the assembly of various components required to produce and/or deliver compressed breathing air to the user, and purification systems refers to the device - chemical, mechanical, physical or combination thereof – used to remove contaminants. These systems must be designed and constructed to work together to help that purification requirements are met. The fifth edition of Z180.1 helps to protect workers by providing the minimum requirements for the purity of compressed breathing air supplied to service outlets and for breathing air systems required to produce, store and distribute such air.

Highlights of Z180.1 Include:

  • Includes design, construction, testing commissioning, operation and maintenance of components
  • Provides requirements for compressed breathing air systems that supply compressed breathing air along with accepted respirators
  • Applies to the design, construction, commissioning, calibration, testing, operation, and maintenance of components for compressed breathing air systems
  • Includes compressed breathing air and systems used for supplied-air suits, supplied-air respirators, SCBA, and ambient air systems, and other applications where the requirements to reference the compressed breathing air purity requirements are necessary

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