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CAN/CSA-ISO 11195:14 - Gas mixers for medical use - Stand-alone gas mixers (Adopted ISO 11195:1995, first edition, 1995-10-01)

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  • 2014

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CSA Preface

This is the first edition of CAN/CSA-ISO 11195, Gas mixers for medical use - Stand-alone gas mixers, which is an adoption without modification of the identically titled ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Standard 11195 (first edition, 1995-10-01). At the time of publication, ISO 11195:1995 is available from ISO in English only. CSA Group will publish the French version when it becomes available from ISO.

For brevity, this Standard will be referred to as "CAN/CSA-ISO 11195" throughout.


This International Standard gives requirements for the Performance and safety of stand-alone gas mixers intended for medical use and intended for connection to a medical gas supply System. Rationales for some of the requirements are given in annex B.

This International Standard does not apply to

a) blocks of flowmeters with separate controls for the flow of each gas;

b) gas mixers which mix Oxygen with ambient air;

c) gas mixers which depend on other medical devices for functions required by this Standard.

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