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S6.1-14 - Commentary on S6-14, Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code

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  • 2014

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    S6-F14 - Code canadien sur le calcul des ponts routiers

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S6.1-14 - Commentary on S6-14, Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code

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CSA S6-14 Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code is complemented by CSA S6.1-14, Commentary on CSA-S6-14, Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code. CSA S6.1 provides rationale statements and explanatory material for many of the clauses of this Code.

This Commentary provides background on the design provisions of CSA S6 to help designers deal with issues not explicitly addressed in the Code. CSA S6.1 contains many clauses dealing with "approval", meaning approval in writing by the Regulatory Authority having Jurisdiction (see the definitions in Clause 1.3.2 of the Code). Where possible, this Commentary also provides guidance for Regulatory Authorities consulting such clauses.

Each section and clause in this Commentary bears the number of its corresponding section or clause in the Code with the addition of the prefix "C". For example, Section C1 provides commentary on Section 1 of the Code, and within Section C1, Clause C1.1.1 provides commentary on Clause 1.1.1 of the Code. The same approach is used in the numbering of annexes.

Although CSA S6 is being published in both English and French, CSA S6.1 is available only in English.

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