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CSA HGV 4.3-2012 - Test methods for hydrogen fueling parameter evaluation

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  • 2012

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  • CSA


This publication represents a basic standard for operation, construction, and acceptable fueling parameters of hydrogen fueling stations. It is the result of years of experience in the manufacture, testing, installation, maintenance, inspection and research on hydrogen fueling systems.


This standard establishes the test method, criteria, and apparatus to evaluate a hydrogen fueling station as it relates to achieving the protocol specified in SAE TIR J2601 - 2010, Fueling Protocols for Light Duty Gaseous Hydrogen Surface Vehicles, for fueling, and the SAE TIR J2799, 70 MPa Compressed Hydrogen Surface Vehicle Fueling Connection Device and Optional Vehicle to Station Communications for communications with light duty vehicle hydrogen storage systems less than 10 kg (37.2 lbs). The testing evaluation applies to fueling stations designed to fill vehicle storage systems following the prescribed protocol defined in SAE TIR J2601 - 2010 that targets rapid fills, while respecting temperature, pressure, and fuel density safety limits.

For fueling stations with the capability for communications with the vehicle, these test methods include the approach to confirm the requirements specified in SAE TIR J2799/J2601.

Newly manufactured hydrogen fueling stations shall be tested according to this standard prior to initial operation of the station for fueling vehicles. This standard is also intended to provide test methods for validation of existing hydrogen fueling stations.

Unless otherwise specified, the requirements in this document apply to the verification of SAE TIR J2601- 2010 compliant Hydrogen Fueling Stations (HFS).

If the value for measurement as given in this standard is followed by an equivalent value in other units, the first stated value is to be regarded as the specification.

All references to pressure throughout this standard are to be considered gauge pressures, unless otherwise specified.

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